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Fimi X8SE 2020 4K Drone Combo Kit


Take to the skies with the X8SE 2020 4K Drone Combo Kit from Fimi and capture professional-quality aerial video. More easily travel to locations and stay there longer with this combo kit, which includes a second battery and carrying case. The 3-axis gimbal camera has been engineered with an accuracy of up to 0.005° to provide smooth and stable results. The camera can record at up to UHD 4K resolution at 100 Mb/s. Both videos and photos can be further enhanced with HDR technology to ensure proper exposure, an F-log mode, support for the DNG RAW format, and H.265/HEVC codec, which works to maintain quality while using much less storage space.

You can go almost anywhere to record your video and images thanks to an included remote and up to 5-mile transmission range. The controller can be used with a variety of smartphones and tablets. A 4500mAh battery provides up to 35 minutes of flight time, which can be optimized to great effect with a host of flight modes and features, such as smart object tracking and planned flight routes.

Compact and Foldable

The X8SE 2020 can easily travel with you on all of your adventures. The foldable arms keep the drone compact for travel inside a small backpack, and the lightweight construction makes it easy to carry with you.

Cine Shot

Cool visual effects can be easily achieved with one of the four preinstalled Cine Shot functions. With a single tap, the drone can lock onto a subject and perform a complex aerial maneuver: 

  • Rocket: Quickly flies upward while the camera points downward on the subject
  • Circle: Circles around the subject
  • Dronie: Flies backward and upwards while the camera stays locked onto the subject
  • Spiral: Flies a spiral around the subject

Smart Tracking

Integrated AI technology in the X8SE 2020 gives you three different ways to track a person, animal, or object with a single tap: 

  • Trace: Track a target from different viewpoints
  • Profile: Track a target while flying parallel to it
  • Lock: Lock onto a target and follow it from a fixed perspective

Plan a Flight Path

Create complex and unedited shots or maximize your ability to film multiple locations on a single charge with the ability to create a custom flight path. Using the X8SE 2020 app, you can set waypoints, position the camera during the flight, mark points of interest, and more. Both flight and map settings are adjustable, and you can view past routes.


You can achieve breathtaking results with the ability to fly to otherwise unreachable locations. With one tap, you can take a panorama to better capture the scope of your location. When activated, the drone will automatically record a multi-angle panorama, and the built-in app will intelligently process the images together. You can take 180° landscape and portrait panoramas, as well as 3×3 rectangular panoramas.


Hover the drone in place to record a compelling time-lapse video. Three time-lapse modes give you different options for your shot: 

  • Free
  • Focus
  • Waypoint

Night Shot

Don’t limit yourself to only daytime filming with the X8SE 2020. Thanks to a Hisilicon chipset and integrated AI algorithms, the drone can provide noise reduction to help your nighttime videos exhibit vivid detail and clarity.

SAR (Search and Rescue)

Beautiful videos and images are not the only jobs the X8SE 2020 can perform. Thanks to a 5-mile, TDMA-optimized transmission range with 5 dB sensitivity, video transmissions are made to be extremely stable at long distances. Couple that with real-time GPS, 3x digital zoom, and 40 mph flight speeds, and the X8SE 2020 can be used for important SAR operations. You can fly quickly to those in need, assess their situation, and more effectively effect their rescue to safety.

Precision Landing

A downward-facing camera can recognize an optional launchpad to help the drone make a perfect landing.

X8SE 2020 App

The app used to control the X8SE 2020 drone can be used with your mobile device with OTG support. The app provides essential telemetry to view at a glance, such as elevation, speed, and battery life. The app also lets you share your live aerial video feed with others on social media.

Additional Features

GPS, GLONASS, and BeiDou for more accurate positioning
Downward-facing camera for stable hovering at up to 98.4′ without GPS
Detachable controller sticks for easier storage
Rainproof construction
Return to Home mode
Dual IMU systems
GPS real-time tracking
Automatically hover in place when approaching no-fly zones
Low-battery alarm and return
Wind warning
Excessive power warning


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